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Birthdate:May 9
Location:United States of America
Zira is a scientist, a specialist in evolutionary psychology and veterinary medicine, at the Institute for Advanced Biological Study on a planet commonly called Soror. She is, as is only natural, a chimpanzee- all the major breakthroughs in the sciences on Soror have been made by chimpanzees. The orangutans of Soror may be Official Science, but they're a hidebound, pedantic lot more given to academic studies that require good memories and deep research into books. Her work to date has been focused on the men of Soror, the closest kin to apes among the brute beasts of the planet. So far she has only ever encountered one who approached an ape-like level of mental acuity: an Earthman named Ulysse Merou.

Her world is not and has not ever been Earth. She has never heard of George Taylor. And quoting the Simpsons episode at her will just get you a very weird look.

Zira is from the Pierre Boulle novel Planet of the Apes, and is the property of Pierre Boulle. This journal exists for roleplaying purposes only and no profit of any kind is being made from it.
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